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  • 21-Jun-2020 07:16:00



Women think PMS is something which is very natural and can be controlled over a period of time. No it's not true!

We have certain things which can be done like exercise and diet.

1)REDUCE SALT: Questions is why?

We all crave for different things to eat at this time like junk food or processed food. I will suggest to stick to homemade food. Actually this will help you to get rid of bloating, swollen hands, etc.

2)Eat a variety of vegetables including many green vegetables and the best local vegetables of the season. Try sauté them with olive oil fresh topping with garlic, black salt, apple cider vinegar, lemon.

3)Hydration is essential: 2 litres of water everyday to reduce bloating is very important. You can add flavour to water with lemon, cucumber or whichever fruit. Try to add more natural fruits to your inventory than processed ones and aerated drinks.

4)Calcium: When you reach 30+ of age, the body needs more calcium for bones. Try to include dairy yogurt, milk, low fat cheese, homemade paneer. These all can actually help in reducing PMS symptoms.

5)Snack on nuts rather than eating chips or fried food. Include nuts in your diet like walnuts, almonds, cashews. These nuts include omega 3 fatty acid and help in feeling fuller.

6)Limit the intake of alcohol.

7)Although that cup of cappuccino is extremely addictive, still try to limit the intake of caffeine (in any form).

Blog written by PayalMadanArora