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  • 20-Feb-2020 09:01:00

Which comes first - Love or understanding

Which comes first- Love or understanding?

Love or understanding, it's hard to choose which comes first looking at it from different perspectives. They are both the basic requirements of human relationships and cannot be overemphasized and should never be underrated. They dictate how people relate and react to different situations.

To love does not require a prerequisite, you love based on what you are feeling or might have perceived. Whatever the person is, in reality, is not your major concern it's how you feel about The person that really matters to you. To really love is not planned, it's mostly unintentional and unplanned, you cannot stop it even if you try to it is like a virus when it affects you there is no turning back. To love makes you feel vulnerable to somethingbut you can't help it. The more you try to analyze why you feel what you feel you fall deeper in love.

Understanding is having a full knowledge ofsomething or someone that cannot be corrupted. When someone understands something it cannot be taken away from the person and it's almost impossible to change what the person already knows (you can only try to modify it). To understand takes time and research with a lot of reasonable facts forming its basis that convinces you about the topic. When you understand, you know the in and out of that thing that you can picture it in 3D in your head.

Looking at the explanation of love and understanding given above it is clear that love comes first but your understanding can bring about love. the thing is what makes us want to understand something better is because of a liking we might have developed towards that thing which we might not be aware of until we actually understand it or in the process of gathering knowledge about it. We love without knowing we are in love because that's what actually drives us to want to know more about the subject. People do say to pass a course you must like the lecturer even if it's a littlebitto understand the course you must like/love the person teaching it.

We love people without understanding who they areand hence the popular saying 'love is blind'. Some people are bad for you but you find yourself loving them despite all their flaws and you tend to ask yourself this question, why do I love this person so much? The person can be like a pacemaker that inflicts pain on you but you still need it.

There are two sides to an understandingafter loving someone, you either love the person less or you love the person with all you have gathered. It's not easy to love someone less but you just feel the need to not give the person 100% of yourself and this brings about a deterioration but doesn't eliminate the love. There are times when you understand someone better and it makes you love the person even more.

Love and understanding are both important, love comes first but the later brings about a better relationship.

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